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This page is a collection of downloads of different mods that I have created. if you would like to add a mod to this page please email me at [email protected] thank you.

Ordon Link Retexture.

Awhile back when I first started texture designing a created this mod that i never shared until now. I was very proud of this mod but nver really showed it off. I was planning to but it simply forgot about it and went on to other mods. This mod was mad entirely in MS paint from textures dumped from Twilight Princess and The  Zelda Ocarina of Time Twilight Princess Textures.

Majora's Mask White Tunic Patch

I created this patch so that anyone who wanted to texture link in Majora's Mask could. Since MM uses a color palette for Link's tunic, you would have to alter the data within the ROM itself before texturing. This patch cuts away the work needed to do so. This patch can only be applied to the decompressed ROM.  There will be a tutorial on decompressing the ROM below.

Decompressing Majora's Mask

1. Make a folder with only Zdex.exe and your Majora's Mask (U) in it.

2. Open Notepad and type:
@echo off
zdec.exe 1.z64 2.z64

3. Save that notepad as anything that ends in .bat ex: abc.bat

4. Rename your Majora's Mask (U) to 1.z64 (makes it easier)

5. Open Zdec.

6. Click on the ".bat" you just saved (should be in the same folder as Zdec.exe)

6. Now type Y then press enter.

7. All done! Your decompressed ROM is now 2.z64

Ordon Link

This is a screenshot of my Ordon Link Texture